Noor Muqaddam murder case, netizens welcome Zahir Jaffar’s death sentence retention

Canada Global (Web News) Netizens reacted positively to the Islamabad High Court’s (IHC) decision to uphold the death penalty imposed on Zahir Jaffar for the murder of Noor Muqaddam on social media.

Netizens applauded the verdict for the gruesome murder, despite the fact that it took the court close to two years to bring them justice.

The decision was made public by  two-judge panel consisting of IHC Chairman Justice Aamer Farooq and Justice Sardar Ijaz Ishaq Khan. The primary suspect was given two death counts by the court, which changed the life sentence that had been given to him to the death penalty.

Several people were observed applauding the decision and praising Muqaddam’s father’s tenacious resistance throughout the legal procedure, while others discovered justification for supporting the death penalty.

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