The American Court Suspended The Sentence Of Donald Trump

  Canada Global (Web News) Former American President Donald Trump got relief from another court after the Supreme Court. According to foreign media reports, the American court postponed Donald Trump’s sentence until September 18 in the case of giving money to an actress. Donald Trump’s legal team said in a statement that following the Supreme Court’s ruling on the former president’s immunity, they asked Judge Jane Murchan to grant immunity in the pre-ruling case of giving money to the actress. Allow time to build the case.

The Manhattan prosecutor said Trump’s arguments lacked merit, but agreed that the ruling should be postponed to give Donald Trump a chance to present his case. Yesterday, a big relief was received from the Supreme Court in the Jack Smith case. Decisions made during the term are exempt. The US Supreme Court sent the case back to the lower court for a permanent ruling on the immunity clause, and directed that the lower court decide which actions of the former president are official and non-official.

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