WhatsApp new feature, now you can talk to yourself.

This feature allows users to save important notes, media, and leftovers.

Canada Global Tv: In order to allow users to send messages on their own, WhatsApp has started testing a new feature called “Messages with yourself.” It is currently only accessible to beta testers.

Although you could always send messages to your mobile phone number, there wasn’t a dedicated chat window on the contact list for that reason.

In order to share media files or take notes, users have even created groups with just one participant.

When you start a WhatsApp chat using your own phone number, the most recent update accentuates your own chat box by adding “Message yourself” as the conversation title.

Your phone number will also be visible in WhatsApp’s contact list for easier access.

If you send a message to the chat using your phone number, it will always be synced with your other connected devices because it is no longer an unsupported feature while using multi-device, according to the WaBetaInfo report.

The public will be able to use the feature during the coming few days. WhatsApp will improve the feature that lets users “see your phone number within the contacts list” in the upcoming edition of the programme.


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