Apple and Amazon have reportedly resumed Twitter advertising

Canada Global (Web News) According to reports in the media on Saturday, Twitter advertising will once again be used by Apple Inc. and Inc.
In an effort to resurrect its company following Elon Musk’s takeover, Twitter sent an email to advertising agencies on Thursday offering advertisers incentives to increase their spending on the site.
According to the email examined by Reuters, Twitter described the offer as the “largest advertiser incentive ever on Twitter.” The email stated that US advertisers that book $500,000 in incremental spending will be eligible to have their spending matched with a “100% value add,” up to a ceiling of $1 million.

According to a Platformer News reporter’s Saturday tweet, Amazon intends to restart running ads on Twitter for around $100 million per year, subject to making minor security adjustments to the company’s ad network.
Amazon had never stopped running Twitter ads, a source with knowledge of the situation told Reuters.
According to a Bloomberg story, Musk also said that Apple is the biggest advertiser on Twitter and has “completely restarted” advertising on the service during a Twitter Spaces conversation.

In his first month as Twitter’s owner, Musk has reduced the number of employees, including those in charge of content moderation, and there have been reports of spammers impersonating representatives of well-known public companies, which has alarmed the advertising industry. Many businesses, including General Mills Inc. and luxury automaker Audi of America, have cancelled or suspended their Twitter advertising since the acquisition, and Musk stated in November that the company has experienced a “huge” drop in revenue.
Reuters contacted Apple and Twitter for comment on the situation, but neither company responded right away.

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