Meghan Markle honors Prince Harry for the finale of “Archetypes”

Canada Global (Web News)The final edition of Meghan Markle’s Spotify podcast Archetypes featured a topic and an idea that she attributes to her husband, Prince Harry.

In order to “broaden the conversation” regarding stereotypes for her podcast’s finale, Meghan decided to only invite men, such as Trevor Noah, Andy Cohen, and Judd Apatow; previously, the podcast featured only female guests speaking with the Duchess of Sussex.

As my husband suggested, it also occurred to me that we need to extend the conversation if we truly want to change the way we view gender and the limited categories into which we divide people. Men must be actively included.

She continued by calling them “extremely smart men” who have “been behind some of the most successful movies and TV shows but also who are part of cultural debate in such an influential way.”

Meghan Markle honors Prince Harry for the finale of “Archetypes”

“I thought it would be interesting to sit with some males for this final episode, hear their perspectives, and see what they think about archetypes,” Meghan concluded.

As part of a purported £18 million arrangement, Meghan Markle’s Spotify podcast made its debut on the streaming service in August of this year.

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