Two pedestrians in Canada killed, nine injured as truck runs them over

Canada Global (Web News) Nine additional pedestrians were hurt when a pickup truck ran over them in a small hamlet in Canada’s north, according to authorities. Two men were also killed in the incident.

In the hamlet of Amqui, around 650 kilometres (400 miles) north of Montreal, a 38-year-old local man has been detained, and authorities are investigating into whether he intentionally ran people over. Quebec police spokeswoman Sergeant Helene St-Pierre confirmed this to AFP.

According to her, accident reconstruction specialists are investigating the crash’s circumstances.

She remarked, “Everything points to this being an isolated incident. “There is only one suspect and no longer any risk in the region.”

On Amqui’s main thoroughfare, the tragedy happened shortly after three o’clock. The village in the scenic Gaspe peninsula has a population of around 6,000.

In their 60s and 70s, the two men that died are. According to police, two of the injured are also in critical condition.

Some of them were brought to a medical facility in Quebec City.

According to eyewitnesses, a truck struck many pedestrians on the pavement in front of a well-known microbrewery before continuing for an additional 400 to 500 metres (1,300 to 1,600 feet) along the road, swerving and hitting more pedestrians.

According to reports, paramedics discovered patients all across the street and on the walkways on either side. Early reports indicated that children were among those hurt in the collision, and a damaged pram was reportedly among the wreckage, however authorities have not confirmed this.

Francois Bonnardel, the province’s minister of public safety, tweeted that early reports showed a “major accident” had occurred.

According to St-Pierre, the motorist initially sped away but eventually surrendered himself to authorities at a nearby station.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau posted on Twitter, “My heart is with the people of Amqui, Quebec today.

I’m thinking about everyone impacted as we hear more about the sad events that have occurred.

The event happened a month after a bus in a Montreal suburb ploughed into a daycare facility, killing two 4-year-olds and injuring six others in what investigators think was an intentional act.

After the collision, witnesses reported the 51-year-old motorist was acting abnormally and had even taken off all of his clothes.

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