Canada Border Services Agency Workers Signaled A Strike

 Canada Global(Web News)Canada Border Services Agency workers have warned of a strike and if it happens, it will not only affect the movement of Canadians or tourists, but it will also be harmful to the Canadian economy.
More than 9,000 members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada are the CBSA. Border guards have voted to strike. Talks between the two sides have started on June 3 and the union has issued a warning to strike after June 6.

The union says a similar crackdown three years ago brought commercial traffic between the U.S. and Canada to a near halt, causing major delays at airports and borders across the country.
But the Treasury Board says 90 percent of border guards are defined as essential workers, meaning they cannot stop work during a strike.
A work-to-rule is a situation where workers work as much as is written in their contracts instead of going on a full strike. Through work-to-rule, workers send a message that they are unhappy with working conditions and conditions.
That means border crossings may take longer than usual, said Ian Lee, an associate professor at Carleton University’s School of Business. He said it would not only be a problem for tourists but also disrupt the economy, as about $2.5 billion worth of goods cross the border every day.

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