Toronto, trailer explosion left one man critically injured

Canada Global (Web News) In North York on Wednesday night, a camping trailer burst, according to officials, inflicting a guy with significant injuries.

In response to allegations of a propane explosion following a potential leak inside a trailer, Toronto Fire was dispatched to Glencairn and Glen Park avenues, close to Allen Road, at about 11:40 p.m., a representative for the department told Global News.

According to the representative, the implicated trailer was a camper-style trailer and its contents, including a mattress, were on fire. According to him, the trailer’s wall was also blown out.

He stated that when rescuers came, there was no active fire, but one patient had burns.

A 40-year-old male was sent to the hospital in a critical but non-life-threatening condition, according to paramedics.
The caravan had been parked there for approximately a month, according to a neighbour who spoke with Global News. Solar panels were installed on the caravan where the man was residing.

The neighbour added that locals have complained about it by calling the City of Toronto.

The Ontario Fire Marshal is looking into it, according to police.

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