Toronto city councillor calls for personal electric vehicle charging plan

Canada Global (Web News) The demand for electric vehicles (EV) is increasing each year due to rising gas prices and environmental concerns, but a Toronto city councillor is warning that the city needs to fill a significant gap by providing an answer to the question that every person considering switching to an EV has: Where will they get their charge?

Next week, Diane Saxe will present a proposal before the city’s infrastructure and environment committee requesting staff to develop a strategy to meet the demand for further EV charging station growth by enabling individuals to construct their own choices.

Saxe stated that because of the transitional period, there aren’t many public charging stations available. They are rapidly expanding and increasing. Do we have any options for letting people pay for their own charging spots on the street in a fair and practical manner? I ask the employees.

The city and Toronto Hydro launched a trial programme to offer public on-street EV charging in the fall of 2020. Over the course of a year, seventeen EV charging stations were erected on nine different streets. After city council approved an extension in 2022, an additional 59 chargers were to be installed, with at least 50 more instalments scheduled for this year.

The Toronto Parking Authority will be in charge of constructing and maintaining the city’s EV charging stations, and by the end of 2024, it hopes to have installed up to 500 of them in off-street parking spaces.

Saxe remarked, “That’s a pittance compared to what we’re truly going to need to convince a lot of folks to convert their vehicles.

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