The United States And The United Kingdom Raised Questions Over The Disputed Elections In Bangladesh

Canada Global(Web News) The United States and the United Kingdom have raised questions on the controversial elections in Bangladesh. The US State Department has said that the elections in Bangladesh were neither transparent nor impartial.

The United States has expressed its views along with other commentators and said that it is a pity that not all parties participated in the elections of Bangladesh. In addition, Britain has also stated that the elections in Bangladesh do not meet the standards of free and fair elections, boycotting the elections is ‘not democratic’.

It should be noted that Sheikh Hasina Wajid’s party has won three-fourth of the seats in the parliamentary elections after the boycott of the opposition. It won 63 seats more than Jamaat.

Sheikh Hasina Wajid rejected the opposition’s criticism of the elections and celebrated the victory, saying that the elections were free and fair. It should be noted that the 76-year-old Sheikh Hasina Wajid has been the Prime Minister of Bangladesh since 2009, while she boycotted the elections. The parties have been declared as terrorist parties.

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