United Kingdom, 14-Year Term Of Conservatives Is Over, Labor Party Is Successful, Rishi Sonak Conceded Defeat

 Canada Global(Web News) Snap general election in London, Britain’s 14-year reign of the Conservatives has ended as Labor won a snap general election in which Sir Keir Starmer will become the new Prime Minister. Counting of votes is underway in the general election where the results of 533 out of 650 seats have been announced and the Labor Party has won 364 seats so far. In the general election, the Conservatives won 87 seats and the Lib Dems 50 seats. British Election Labor Party Winner: Rishi Sonak concedes defeat, Keir Starmer will be Prime Minister, 326 out of 650 seats in Parliament are needed to form a government and Labor Party has won 364 seats to form a government.

 In the exit polls, Labor 401, Conservatives 163, Liberal Democrats 50, Scottish National Party 8 and Reform UK 4 seats. Pakistani-origin Labor leader Naz Shah won in Bradford West, while Pakistani-origin Labor member Yasmin Qureshi came third. Barr managed to defend her seat. British Prime Minister Rishi Sonak has conceded defeat in the election, saying his opposition Labor Party has won, while Rishi Sonak also congratulated Sir Keir Starmer on his victory. .

Speaking to his supporters later, Keir Starmer said that the time has come for change in Britain, we have to turn politics into service, we will work hard to get the country out of crisis, the people voted for change, hope. the public According to the British broadcaster Sky News, the leader of the Labor Party, Sir Keir Starmer, has received 18,884 votes, while the independent candidate Andrew Feinstein is in third place with 7,312 votes, while the Greens’ David Stancil has 4. , are on the third position with 03 votes. Stay at no.

ary Alex Chalk, the Conservative government’s first cabinet minister, lost his seat in Cheltenham to the opposition Liberal Democrat candidate. British Defense Secretary Grant Shoppes also lost his seat to Welwyn Hatfield, but the Labor candidate beat Grant Shoppes by 3,799 votes. In the seat of Welwyn Hatfield, Labor Party candidate Andrew Lowen won 19,877 votes, while Grant Shoppes came second with 16,078 votes. Former Labor leader Jeremy Carbone also ran as an independent candidate. Islington has won the seat. Jeremy Corbyn received 24,120 votes and his opposition Labor candidate Perfil Nargund received just 16,000 votes.

 Jeremy Carbone, who was expelled from the Labor Party over allegations of anti-Semitism, has successfully held his seat for the past 40 years and will be re-elected for an 11th term in the 2024 election. The seat was lost, a seat George Galloway won in a by-election following the death of Labor leader Sir Tony Lloyd, a three-time MP from 2003 to 2015. Pakistani-born Rozina won again from Alan Tooting, Pakistani-born Rosina Allen. Khan won again from London’s Tooting, Rosina Allan Khan won by 29,209 votes.
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