Elections In The Uk Today, For The First Time Id Is Required To Vote

 Canada Global(Web News) The general elections will be held in London today, the polling preparations are complete, the people will vote today to elect their rulers. For the 650 seats in the Parliament, the opposition Labor Party, the ruling Conservative Party, the Liberal Democratic Party, There will be a competition between the Scottish National Party, Reforms and other political parties and more than 4500 independent candidates. British Pakistani candidates are also in the field in the elections, 15 British Pakistanis were successful in the last election and became part of the Parliament.

533 of the total 650 seats. England, 59 from Scotland, 40 from Wales and 18 from Northern Ireland. Polling for the general election will continue uninterrupted from 7 am to 10 pm local time while the election results will be announced on July 5. Today More than 40,000 polling stations have been set up for the polls, with around 50 million voters eligible to cast their ballots. For the first time in Britain, ID has been made compulsory to vote, worried. Now the British people expect the incoming government to find a quick and lasting solution to their problems. Any political party or coalition of parties will need at least 326 seats to form a government after the election. The newly elected members will take oath in the parliamentary session on July 9 and the Speaker will be elected.

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