Spring temperatures bring flooding to Moose Jaw

Canada Global (Web News) Residents in Moose Jaw have had a busy few days clearing up water after many areas of the city experienced flooding as a result of a sudden spring melt.

Gwendolyn Boivin, a native of Moose Jaw, said of the lake where she lived, “It was like a waterfall.” “When it started to melt, it was just like a waterfall.”

Many low areas in the city have seen water over the roads over the past week, and it has even inundated certain parks and baseball fields.

Every spring, according to Boivin, the water has been a persistent fight.

Boivin stated, “This has happened two or three times.” “Spring will arrive at some point. I really hope this is it.

There was more water this week, according to those at the City of Moose Jaw, than at any time previous year. mostly as a result of the area’s tardy snowmelt.

“The snow doesn’t normally stick around this late in the season, so we definitely weren’t expecting it and it came down at once,” said Jayden Watterson, City of Moose Jaw Streets and Roads.

They want to clean the roadways, but they also want to stop Saskatchewan’s favourite summer bug from creating a significant breeding habitat.

“The bugs will undoubtedly play a significant role. We go to get ‘er going so we don’t have to deal with that, Watterson said.

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