Selena Gomez reveals how Steve Martin, Martin Short became her ‘best friends’

Canada Global (Web News) When Selena Gomez first began hosting Only Murders in the Building on Hulu with Steve Martin and Martin Short, she felt a little uneasy.

Gomez, 30, stated in an interview with The Wrap that she was worried about being alone on set because she had only met them briefly through Zoom.

“I remember when I was leaving L.A. to go and shoot the first season, I was worried that I’d be a little lonely because I’d be on set and most of the time I would be with Steve and Marty, who I had only briefly met on Zoom,” she said to the source.

She was taken aback when she realised they were the sweetest, though. “And they were the sweetest, and I was aware of their work—obviously not to the same extent as I am now, but they were wonderful.”

And they made me feel involved from the time I arrived on set, she continued. They probed into my personality and appreciated my viewpoint. They eventually just kind of took me under their wing, made fun of me, made me laugh, and gave me advice when I needed it.

“Every fear of feeling alone vanished, and now they’re my guys,” Gomez continued. They were simply on tape, and as I watched them, I started to cry because I thought, “Those are my guys.” My closest buddies are some 70-year-olds.

Gomez said that she was “nowhere near as cool” as Martin and Short, when asked whether they felt “intimidated” working with her.

“I’m doing all I can to do what I’m doing. But since they are icons, I don’t think they felt all that threatened. They only ever stated, “We thought you were going to be a pain and high maintenance,'” which was the only thing they ever said to me.

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