Seaview to remain open on New Year’s eve

Canada Global (Web News) The Karachi police said that the Seaview beach would be available on December 31 for locals to enjoy New Year’s Eve.

Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Syed Asad Raza of District South stated in a statement that Karachi residents would be able to take part in the New Year’s Eve celebrations at the amusement centre.

Additionally, the police will take extreme security steps to maintain safety and tranquilly on the property. Visitors visiting the beach were cautioned by the police to maintain their composure while celebrating.

According to him, security operations in and around Seaview will involve almost 2,500 police officers.

“Celebrate New Year within civil law; hoarding will not be permitted,” the police officer warned, threatening harsh punishment for those who engage in impolite behaviour.

The officer also warned the citizens that anyone who uses aerial fire will face attempted murder charges. He also warned residents of the city to avoid one-wheeling and reckless driving.

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