Air Pollution Increased Due To Forest Fires In Canada

Canada Global(Web News) While Canada is known around the world for its clean and beautiful natural resources, now due to forest fires, it has happened for the first time that the air quality in Canada has become worse than the United States. Wildfires have a significant impact on Canadian air quality. According to the latest report released by the World Health Organization, there are only 7 countries in the world whose air is considered good.

Swiss company Air Air’s 2023 World Air Quality Report says wildfires are the leading cause of deterioration in Canada’s air quality. The report found that 13 of the 15 most polluted cities in both the U.S. and Canada are in Canada, with Alberta’s Fort McMurray and Peace River topping the list.
According to the reporter, in this list of 134 countries where Canada is ranked 93rd, that means 91 other countries are more polluted than Canada. The US ranks 102nd, with Bangladesh leading the way with the worst air in the world. After that comes the name of Pakistan and India. Delhi, the capital of India, has been ranked as the capital city with the most polluted air in the world. Where air density is shown to be worst.

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