Russia produces first nuclear warheads for Poseidon super torpedo — TASS

Canada Global (Web News) According to TASS on Monday, which cited an unnamed defence source, Russia has created the first nuclear warheads for the Poseidon super torpedoes that will be mounted on the Belgorod nuclear submarine.

The source told TASS that “the first Poseidon ammunition loads have been made and will soon be delivered to the Belgorod submarine.”

In 2018, Poseidon was originally unveiled by President Vladimir Putin, who described it as a fundamentally different kind of strategic nuclear weapon with a built-in nuclear power source.

Putin said in his address from 2018 that the torpedo’s range would be limitless and that it could operate at great depths at a speed that would be many times faster than any submarine or other torpedoes.

They are extremely quiet, highly manoeuvrable, and nearly indestructible to the enemy. Today, there is no weapon in existence that can defeat them, according to Putin.

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