Biden Again Refuses To Withdraw From The Presidential Race

Canada Global (Web News) Despite the increasing pressure, US President Joe Biden has once again made it clear to the Democrats’ campaign team that despite the increasing pressure after the debate with Donald Trump, he will not run for the presidential election. It was claimed by the American media that Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw from the presidential election is being considered, but now he has denied such a possibility and said that he should run for the presidency. And the Democrats will nominate me. Cannot be removed from nomination.

White House spokesperson Karen Jane Perry also answered reporters’ questions that Joe Biden is definitely not taking a step back from the presidential election. Led by the chairman of the Democratic Governors Association and the Minnesota government. Tim Walls, Governor of California. Gavin Newsom and others were among those who met.Tim Walls said Biden is fit to take office, a governor said governors have briefed Joe Biden on the public’s response.

The governor of New York said that Biden will win and all the governors have assured him of their support. The meeting took place at a time when according to a survey, Donald Trump’s popularity is steadily increasing, Trump’s popularity is 49 percent. while Biden’s popularity is at 43 percent. Due to Biden’s poor performance in the debate, in this situation, the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, is also increasing in some Democratic circles to emerge as the presidential candidate herself. They are under pressure.

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