Rakhi Sawant announces separation from husband Adil Khan

Canada Global (Web News) Rakhi, who was distraught, named Tanu as Adil’s purported girlfriend and claimed that Tanu’s husband had finally abandoned her in favour of the other lady. “He urged me to apologise in the media the other day. He promised me that he would only come back if I apologised. Rakhi told the media, “He promised me he would leave everything and would come back, but he never did. “He’s going to stay with her. She ought to feel guilty. Finally, Adil has departed. I’ve told the media everything now,” he added.

Additionally, the 44-year-old said that Adil abused her psychologically, physically, and emotionally. Adil has a number of lawsuits pending against him in Mysore, she claimed, and she accused him of spending all of her money. Adil has formally decided that he would move in with Tanu. He informed me of his intention to move in with Tanu yesterday. He introduced himself to Bollywood by using me. I’ll file a lawsuit against him. I have all the evidence, she declared.

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