Punjab may extend winter vacations

Canada Global (Web News) Due to the drop in temperature in the region, the Punjab administration is considering extending winter vacations by one more week.

According to sources, due to parent complaints over the chilly weather, the winter break for schools will likely be extended by one more week (January 9–15).

It should be remembered that the Lahore High Court ordered the Punjab provincial administration to extend the winter break by a week owing to smog.

The Punjab Specialized Health Department has announced that the winter break in the medical and nursing schools in the region has been extended till January 8.

Prior to this, the holidays were scheduled to expire on January 2. Furthermore, the statement stated that clinical students who are completing rotations will continue to work in hospitals.

On December 27, the Lahore High Court (LHC) issued a ruling extending winter vacations by one more week due to the smog’s growing danger. The LHC issued the rulings after hearing the petitions submitted in an effort to find a solution to the smog problem.

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