Prince Harry’s floating in a ‘sea of pet delusions’

Canada Global (Web News) Prince Harry is allegedly floating above a “sea of pet delusions,” according to experts.

These assertions and admissions were made by commentator Jan Moir.

The allegations concern Prince Harry’s 31-page statement to the UK, which is the subject of the claims.

“The state of our Press and our government—both of whose reputations I believe are currently at rock bottom—are judged globally when it comes to our country,” it says.

However, Ms. Moir said, “It’s almost embarrassing! Everyone enjoys swimming in their own personal sea of pet illusions; I know I occasionally indulge, but Harry is drowning in a glutinous lake of pure imagination.

The Daily Mail reported that “he blames tabloid newspapers for everything bad in his life, including his teenage drug-taking, his drinking, his exam failures, and even his fondness for playing naked billiards in Las Vegas.”

“Why? Considering that “they wanted to place stereotypes and headlines upon me,” he felt compelled to “play up” to them.

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