Prince Harry will become “obsolete” as Charles plans to cut him off for good.

Canada Global (Web News) According to claims that his father King Charles is prepared to “cut him off” over worries that he “sold” the family to Netflix for their royal drama The Crown, Prince Harry is expected to become “obsolete” inside the royal family, according to Woman’s Day.

The 74-year-old monarch is sure that his son had a hand in how senior royals were portrayed in the most recent season of the drama about the royal family, according to palace officials cited by the publication.

In addition, a source said: “If it’s true, it amounts to treason. Since Harry was still alive when the series debuted in 2016, he was aware of how hurtful it had been to everyone but one elderly family member thus far.

The insider continued, “Charles wants to think about permanently severing ties with Harry… But he also wants to make it appear as if the entire family made it, not just him.

And most importantly, the insider added, “he trusts Prince William, Princess Catherine, Princess Anne, and Prince Edward, who were all called to Buckingham Palace to discuss the matter.

They added: “Harry will absolutely lose relevance inside the royal structure if he succeeds. A rebellious son who may or may not have sold him out to Hollywood scriptwriters is something Charles would much rather have than his devoted sister and the trustworthy Edward.

The remarks came days after King Charles publicly requested a change to the Regency Act, effectively further marginalising Prince Harry, to add his siblings Princess Anne and Prince Edward as his Counsellors of State.

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