Prince Harry is under Meghan Markle’s spell and control

Canada Global (Web News) The Duke is under his wife’s “spell and control,” according to royal biographer Angela Levin, who attacked Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Levin discussed the upcoming Netflix series “Harry & Meghan,” which stars the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, during her visit on GB News. Following her viewing of the eagerly anticipated tell-all programme, she also called the pair “disgraceful.”

The author snarled, “I thought they were awful,” about Meghan. I made sure there hadn’t been a single expression of thankfulness over the three hours, but there was none.

Without her marriage to a Prince and support from the Royal Family, Meghan would not be anything. She could not even throw that term in because she takes that so much for granted, she continued.

“She wants to kill it all off, totally shatter it to bits,” shouted Angela. And I believe that in order to defend our Royal family and our own realm, we must mount a strong defence. It really is beyond words, you know. And Harry, when he actually displayed a hint of displeasure with it.

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