Prince Harry has more leaks than the Titanic

Canada Global (Web News) According to reports, Prince Harry’s ambitions for Spare have left both supporters and detractors perplexed as to whether his assertions are those of a guy “seething with inherited privilege or pragmatically sceptical of his own gilded cage.”

This charge was made by a writer named Raven Smith in a recent article for Vogue Online.

Readers and critics are divided on whether this book is an analysis of what it means to be the spare to Britain’s most famous heir, a study of a life spent in a palace with more leaks than the Titanic, or a type of slow-release retribution, the author speculated in the opening paragraph of Spare.

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if Harry is enraged by his inherited privilege or simply critical of his own gilded prison. Is he clearing the air or just feeding the rumour mill more fuel?

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