Who Will Rule The Uk For The Next 5 Years? Decision Tomorrow

  Canada Global(Web News) The turmoil of elections in London, who will be the next government, the decision of the new ruling party will be made tomorrow, inflation, economy, immigration, environment are considered to be major problems, the next five years in Britain. The decision of which party will remain in government will be made in the elections to be held on Thursday. Preparations for the election process have been completed. All the political parties of the country are busy trying to convince the people till the last minute. 50 million people will get the chance to vote on Thursday from 7 am to 10 pm. About 4500 candidates of 100 parties are in the fray for 650 parliamentary constituencies across the country. More than 4500 polling stations were made for voting across the country.

 Majority of people going to work in offices and other places prefer to vote in the morning, while retirees and housewives are seen visiting the polling stations during the day. Polling stations in Great Britain do not see the splendor that characterizes the country on such occasions. The weather is expected to be pleasant and sunny on the election day due to which the voting rate is expected to increase. In a recent survey, people had named inflation, economy, immigration and environment as the major problems of the country.

Rishi Sunick has said during various election rounds that a Tory government must keep the economy afloat and control immigration into the country and that if Labor wins they will impose more taxes and they will try to win until the last minute. will Will Labor Party leader Sirkir Starmer said that the 14-year Tory government has destroyed the country’s system and the Labor government will come and run the country on the right track.

Lib Dem leader Sarah Davey has promised to hire 8,000 new GPs, build 150,000 councils and social homes, among other promises. Nigel Farage, the leader of Reform UK, has said that he will end unnecessary immigration, but the health sector will be an exception. Students will be barred from bringing partners and children with them and employers will have to pay 20 per cent National Insurance on employing foreign workers. The Green Party aims to raise 151 billion a year in new taxes by 2029, in addition to improving the environment. While the leader of the Workers’ Party, George Galloway, while presenting the party’s manifesto, said that he wanted to distribute wealth and power to the working people and he also seemed to oppose ULEZ.

A large number of independent candidates have also stood in this election. It seems that most Muslim independent candidates are contesting elections on the issue of Gaza. After voting closes at 10 pm on Thursday, the ballot boxes will be delivered to the designated locations of the local councils where the votes will be counted manually. It is hoped that by Friday morning the results will be clear and it will also be decided who will be the resident of 10 Downing Street.

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