Netflix Canada begins its password-sharing crackdown

Canada Global (Web News) To help clear up any misunderstandings over when and how a member can grant access to their account to others, Netflix has announced a number of new capabilities that will be made available in Canada and other countries.

According to a statement released by Netflix, the new capabilities are intended to allow subscribers “more control over who can access their account.” More than 100 million households share accounts, which, according to Netflix, hinders its “capacity to invest in outstanding new TV and films,” prompting the change.

A Netflix account is intended for one family, and members can choose from a variety of plans with different features, according to the company.

One of these improvements, according to them, will enable customers to specify a primary location, ensuring that every resident of the household may access their Netflix account.

Holders of premium and ordinary accounts will be able to add additional members for $7.99 per month under the new regulations.

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