Masood seeks strengthening of US-Pak relations through tech sector

Canada Global (Web News) According to Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States Masood Khan, the Punjab-California Sister Province Agreement served as a template for developing industry-specific state-to-province and city-to-city commercial ties between Pakistan and the United States.

Masood made his remarks during a meeting with Irvine Mayor Farrah N. Khan in Washington, DC.

If Pakistani tech firms, which are brimming with entrepreneurial youngsters, are combined with the thriving tech sector of Irvine, California, the two nations might forge strong collaborations for addressing their economic needs and enhancing intercultural contact, the ambassador observed.

He added that Farrah’s leadership abilities and accomplishments are a source of pride for Pakistan and the Pakistani diaspora in the United States.

Americans of Pakistani descent who have achieved success in their particular fields not only benefit Pakistan but also serve as a constant link between the two countries, according to Masood.

Farrah thanked the ambassador for welcoming her warmly and named technology, medical technology, and artificial intelligence as the three main fields in which Irvine was making tremendous strides.

Farrah also emphasised the significant contributions that the Pakistani diaspora has made to Irvine’s and California’s socioeconomic development.

Masood requested Mayor Farrah to travel to Pakistan with a business group in order to enhance interpersonal ties and promote collaboration between the chamber and industry.

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