Ishaq Dar believes his attempts to revive economy could even ‘surprise IMF’

Canada Global (Web News) Ishaq Dar, the finance minister, claimed on Wednesday that his team handled the current economic crisis in a way that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) could be surprised.

Speaking at a Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) ceremony, he noted that Pakistan was predicted to soon fail because of macroeconomic instability before the 2013 elections. He continued, “Pakistan handled the situation back then and would handle it now as well.

He continued by saying that Pakistan had finished the technical portion of the IMF’s ninth evaluation and regretted that it had only begun three months earlier. He continued, “We have fulfilled all previous requirements.

Mr. Dar claimed that specific current account deficit predictions were used by the IMF in their calculations and added that Pakistan would not go into default. “Pakistan only completed one IMF programme and that too in 2013-16,” he continued.

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