Indian doctors urge caution as COVID-19 infections spread globally

Canada Global (Web News) After a new, highly transmissible strain of the coronavirus was discovered in the country, Indian health officials urged the public and local authorities to resume wearing face masks and increase surveillance.

The omicron subvariant of the coronavirus that is causing the current wave of cases in China was found in at least four of the 145 coronavirus illnesses reported in the last 24 hours.

The World Health Organization reports that infection rates have increased recently in several nations, including Japan, South Korea, and the US. China saw a spike in infections after loosening its rigorous COVID-19 regulations.

The main medical organisation in India issued a statement on Thursday urging the public to adopt COVID-appropriate conduct immediately in light of the rapid increase in COVID cases in various nations.

It also urged people to “overcome the oncoming COVID outbreak” by resuming coronavirus precautions including mask use and social seclusion, which have not been required in most of the nation for a while.

Also on Thursday, Mansukh Mandaviya, India’s minister of health, spoke before the parliament on the steps the national government had made to handle the issue, including keeping an eye out for new coronavirus types.

The states are urged to boost neighbourhood watch programmes and combat COVID. States have been urged to sequence every positive case’s genome. This will make it easier to spot the new type and take decisive action to combat it, he said.

Despite the warning, health professionals told Arab News that it was unlikely that the crisis from last year would repeat itself, when the highly transmissible delta form infected hundreds of thousands of people every day and claimed more than 450,000 lives between March and May.

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