Harry and Meghan’s “efforts to garner attention” dismissed by King Charles III

Canada Global (Web News) Prince Harry and Meghan Markle scandal was not mentioned in King Charles III’s widely circulated Christmas letter.

The monarch’s address was “important” since he “didn’t mention Harry and Meghan, but not in the way some might have expected,” according to royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti for Express.co.uk.

The Prince and Princess of Wales, his wife, and his mother were among a very tiny band of royals who were closely connected to the previous, present, and future generations in the succession, the monarch remarked.

Otherwise, rather than concentrating on members of his own family, he paid attention to non-royals who were making important contributions to the larger public in need.

He said, “The speech almost dismissed Harry and Meghan’s enormous efforts to draw attention and focus as nothing more than mere diversion from what he believes to be the real challenges of the Royal Family and society. He refused to let them determine his agenda.

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