Govt has decided to evade elections at every cost: Sheikh Rashid

Canada Global (Web News) Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, the leader of the Pakistan Awami League (AML), stated on Tuesday that it was unacceptable for police to arrest PTI employees late at night without a warrant and abuse them.

The AML leader and former interior minister said via Twitter that police detained 70–80 PTI employees after midnight. I vehemently oppose torturing PTI political workers, he declared.

That was fanaticism, harshness, and barbarity, according to Sh Rashid. “They have made the decision to obstruct elections at all costs. For this reason, they have started to tighten down on PTI employees. Nonetheless, we have high sensibilities and a high moral code. I strongly disapprove of any arrests.

The former interior minister declared that they will turn the open gathering on Wednesday into a historical occasion. He declared that he would advise his PTI supporters and party members to take care of themselves and prepare to give their hearts and souls in order to protect Pakistan, Imran Khan, and the nation’s resources.

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