Google CEO worries about job losses and false information as AI expands

Canada Global (Web News) Concerns about the development of artificial intelligence have been expressed by experts and other members of the technology community. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google and Alphabet, is one of many people who believe that the growth of AI will be difficult for the labour market.

According to him, the rise of AI was inevitable, and humanity needed to get ready in this area to handle the problems.

When asked about his concerns, the Google CEO responded, “For example, you could be a radiologist. If you think about five to ten years from now, you’re going to have an AI collaborator with you.

It might state, “These are the most serious cases you need to look at first,” if you arrive in the morning with 100 things to look over.

He also listed a number of occupations that might be impacted by AI, including knowledge workers like writers, accountants, and, surprisingly, software engineers.

He also discussed the potential for false information to spread more widely as a result of AI dominance.

Google also offered some solutions for handling AI technology.

“Society must quickly adapt with regulation, laws to punish abuse and treaties among nations to make AI safe for the world, as well as rules that Align with human values including morality,” stated the Google CEO.

Mr. Pichai argued that among the specialists who will offer answers to the problems brought on by AI would be social scientists, ethicists, and philosophers.

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