Google Introduces Amazing Feature That Makes Videos From Written Instructions

Canada Global ( web news)Google has introduced a new video creation tool based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The company said that the AI ​​video tool called Lumiere will generate videos based on user’s written instructions.

The tool has not yet been rolled out to the general public, but a video has been released about it. The company said the tool will enable users to create high-quality videos with simple written instructions. There are currently AI tools available that can create images from written instructions, but Google is currently working on a tool to help with video production.

Google said that the test results of this tool proved to be excellent. The video shows that the tool not only creates videos from text but also has the ability to create videos from images. It hasn’t released many details, but according to its project page, it’s a space-time diffusion model. It was developed by Google Research, and according to the company, the tool uses space-time scale processes to create video from text. The company claims that it is the best AI model available.

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