Famous Indian actor Vivian Dsena embraces Islam

Canada Global (Web News) A well-known actor from India, Vivian Dsena, recently converted to Islam.

Vivian Dsena reportedly spent a significant amount of time out of the public eye. He was not mentioned in the news or any dramas. The actor had reportedly changed his religion, but he has now officially admitted it.

Vivian disclosed in a recent interview that he converted to Islam in the month of Ramadan of 2019 and has been following an Islamic lifestyle ever since.

“My life hasn’t changed all that much. I was raised a Christian but now practise Islam. In 2019, during the holy month of Ramadan, I began to live according to Islamic principles “explained the actor.

I find comfort in praying five times a day, the actor stated.

Vivian confessed that he wed former Egyptian journalist Nouran Aly in Egypt around a year ago, and the couple have a four-month-old baby. He had previously kept quiet about her second marriage.

Among other well-known TV dramas, Vivian Dsena appeared in Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani, Madhubala, Shakti, and Sirf Tum.

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