Erdogan says May election to go ahead despite Turkiye earthquake

Canada Global (Web News) Following the tragic earthquake that claimed tens of thousands of lives in Turkiye, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ruled out any postponement of the polls and declared that they would take place on May 14 as scheduled.

After the devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake that killed more than 45,000 people in Turkiye, concerns grew about the viability of the elections, which might extend Erdogan’s Islamic-based government’s hold on power until 2028.

Erdogan imposed a three-month state of emergency in 11 earthquake-affected provinces last month, and the area is still experiencing significant tremors, making it exceedingly improbable that he will run for office there.

Erdogan, though, promised that “(Turkish) people will do what is necessary on May 14” in a speech to the Ankara parliament.

To report on the position of voters and election security, a delegation from Turkiye’s Supreme Election Commission began a journey to the earthquake zone on Monday.

Erdogan’s administration has come under fire for not sending out enough relief personnel and aid to various areas in the days after the earthquake.

People had to be pulled out of the rubble by survivors in various regions using just their bare hands, and they lamented the lack of assistance in the early going.

Immediately following the tragedy, Erdogan admitted certain “shortcomings,” but he attributed it to extreme weather and deteriorated roads.

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