ECP issues code of conduct for Punjab elections

Canada Global (Web News) In collaboration with political parties, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Thursday released a code of conduct for the upcoming elections in Punjab.

The province’s electoral process was intended to be fair and peaceful thanks to the code of conduct.

Political parties were forbidden from criticising Pakistan’s judicial system and armed forces under the code of conduct.

Also, it was completely forbidden to make fun of the electoral commission, and on election day, law enforcement agents had to be cooperated with.

It was required to give at least 5% of general seats to women, and it was illegal to bribe candidates to withdraw from running for office.

The code of conduct also forbade candidates from displaying guns in meetings or processions and mandated that they maintain a dedicated account specifically for election expenses.

The President and Prime Minister are among the ministers who are prohibited from campaigning for office per the rule of conduct.

No one was permitted to take down banners of competing political parties, and only banners, posters, and panaflexes of the electoral commission’s approved size could be used.

Before holding rallies, the administration had to give its approval, and after the election calendar had been released, development project announcements were outlawed.

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