Canadian search teams hunt for ‘unidentified object’ wreckage

Canada Global (Web News) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said there is “still much to know” about the mysterious object that was shot down over Yukon, but that it constituted a “reasonable threat” to Canadians’ safety.

At a press conference on Sunday in Yukon, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated the unidentified object had “illegally” entered Canadian airspace on Saturday and had been shot down by an American F-22.

The safety of Canadians is our first priority, according to Trudeau. And for that reason, I decided to shoot down the object because it posed a danger to Canadians and to civil aviation.

Trudeau claimed on Saturday afternoon that the object had breached Canadian airspace and that he had ordered its destruction. The announcement came minutes after an exclusive Global News report that said North American Aerospace Defense Command NORAD was keeping an eye on an object that might be yet another potential spy balloon, which was published at 3:36 p.m. ET.

According to Trudeau, he also met with American President Joe Biden, and they both agreed that they would continue to uphold the sovereignty of their common airspace over North America and maintain public safety.

He proceeded by expressing gratitude to NORAD and the Canadian Armed Forces for “doing all required to keep us secure.”

Trudeau stated, “Their service is incredibly essential to all of us.”

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