Canadian pharmacists have new prescriptive authorities amid doctor shortages

Canada Global (Web News) In a year when pharmacists have had to deal with children’s drug shortages and an extra-busy flu shot season, you’d think they’d object to the news that their prescriptive powers are being expanded in Ontario and British Columbia.

However, individuals who work in the field claim that the new duties may make their jobs more meaningful – provided that the adjustments are accompanied by adequate money.

Despite having few resources, pharmacies are attempting to do a lot, according to Danielle Paes, chief pharmacist officer at the Canadian Pharmacists Association.

The public must use these enlarged services in order for them to be sustainable, which requires adequate funding.

Pharmacists have seen their involvement in the healthcare system recognised by governments and the public like never before, according to Paes, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the dearth of family doctors. They have developed into important contacts for everything from COVID-19 immunisations to renewing some prescriptions for medications.

Early in 2022, the association commissioned a poll of 1,399 pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, and it discovered that 92% of them said they were at risk of burnout. Nearly half of patients report abuse or harassment on a weekly basis.

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