Canada’s Premiers call on Trudeau to discuss the health problem

Canada Global (Web News) The prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has been requested to meet with the provincial leaders to discuss the nation’s healthcare problem.

There have been stories of patients dying while waiting for attention, placing a severe pressure on Canada’s hospitals.

Mr. Trudeau has already stated that he is open to offer further funds, but with conditions.

Canadian healthcare is publicly funded, using a combination of federal and provincial funds, yet it is managed locally.

All 13 of Canada’s premiers made a formal request for Mr. Trudeau to meet with them early in the new year during a joint press conference on Friday.

They said that the Trudeau administration was not paying its fair share, and they reaffirmed their desire to increase the federal portion of healthcare spending in Canada from 22% to 35%.

The premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, stated that healthcare is “the number one concern in this entire country from coast to coast to coast,” and that “we can’t do it alone.”

Hospitals throughout Canada have been under a lot of stress this year as a result of a lack of staff and an increase in the number of sick individuals needing care. Because of the shortages, some emergency rooms in smaller towns have had to temporarily stop accepting patients.

Paediatric hospitals have recently been overburdened due to an increase in viral infections among children.

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