Canada launched an Indo-Pacific strategy, determined to get tough with China

Canada Global (Web News) After a long wait, Canada has launched the Indo-Pacific strategy.
Meanwhile, it has also vowed to get tough with China, while also working with the world’s second-largest economy on issues such as climate change and trade issues.

The 26-page document revealed costs of $2·6 billion.

 This includes increasing Canada’s military presence and strengthening cyber security in the region, as well as tightening foreign investment rules to protect intellectual property and banning Chinese-owned companies from buying minerals.

According to this strategy, strengthening relations with 40 fast-growing countries will be Canada’s top priority, and during this time, economic transactions of $50 trillion will be possible. But the main focus will be on China. It has been mentioned more than 50 times at a time when bilateral relations were deteriorating.
The strategy also stated that China is a disruptive global power. Chinese values ​​are completely different from ours. The Liberal government led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to diversify trade and economic ties dependent on the United States. 

According to official data for September, bilateral trade with China was only 7 percent while with the US was 68 percent. The strategy also stated that our vision of today’s China is realistic and clear. Where we disagree with China we will be able to challenge it.

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