Calgary’s unemployment rate jumps in December

Canada Global (Web News) Alberta’s unemployment rate remained constant in December, but Calgary experienced a significant increase.

Alberta’s unemployment rate was 5.8% in December 2022, the same as the month before, according to Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey.

Alberta was one of five provinces that experience employment growth even though unemployment remained stable.

It increased by 25,000 (1.0%) in December, the first significant growth since May 2022.

Employment increased by 89,000 (3.9%) over the previous year, and the unemployment rate decreased by 1.7 percentage points.

The report claims that 13,000 more individuals were employed in construction in Alberta last month (5.8 per cent).

Minister of Jobs, Economy, and Northern Development Brian Jean stated in a statement on Friday that “Alberta continues to set the benchmark for employment in our nation.”

“The statistics for December demonstrate that, thanks to our sensible fiscal and economic policies, as well as the measures we are doing to attract investment, our economy is strong and robust.

“Because to our province’s robust economy, high standard of life, and affordable programmes, the third quarter of 2017 had the nation’s highest growth rate.

People from all over Canada and the world are beginning to recognise Alberta as the land of opportunity, as evidenced by record levels of international migration and the largest net interprovincial mobility in decades.

The unemployment rate in Calgary increased from 6.0 to 6.6 percent in December.

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