Calgary’s Eau Claire Market will close for new Green Line LRT station

Canada Global (Web News) The venerable Eau Claire Market Shopping Center in Calgary will close the following year to make room for a new Green Line LRT station.

According to a news release issued on Wednesday morning, the City of Calgary and Harvard Developments have agreed to buy the land at 2 Avenue S.W. for a future underground station.

According to the city, the deal with Harvard Developments covers both the leasing of additional land for use during development as well as the purchase of the station’s site.

The Eau Claire Market Shopping Centre is a property owned by Harvard Developments.

According to Darshpreet Bhatti, chief executive officer of Green Line LRT, “The Green Line was planned as a city-shaping project and there is no greater example of that than the prospects for future transit-oriented development at this location.”

“This is a station that will interconnect the Eau Claire and Chinatown districts and connect Calgarians to a beloved area of the city. It is crucially significant along the 46-km eventual track.”

By mid-Q2 of the next year, the mall will still be open. The building will thereafter be given to the city for demolition in order to begin construction on the station and other future projects.

The nearby JOEY Eau Claire and LOCAL Public Eatery restaurants won’t be impacted by the demolition.

According to Rosanne Hill Blaisdell, president and CEO of Harvard Developments, the business informed tenants about the project at an information session earlier this week.

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