Boxing Day sales pose a risk of online fraud to Canadians

Canada Global (Web News) Retailers anticipate that COVID-19 limitations may loosen this year, leading to more in-store Boxing Day buying.

Remi Sammoun, territory manager for Best Buy in Montreal, said, “We see consumers are going back to the store, coming back to the fantastic experience that they had before.”

However, some consumers do like the convenience of online shopping, and security experts warn that fraudsters are on the lookout, particularly at this time of year, for lack of cautious consumers.

According to a recent study conducted by VPN service provider NordVPN, about 10 million Canadians have been the victims of online fraud.

According to the survey, which included more than 8,000 respondents from around the world, 90% of victims were still open to trading their personal information for some sort of benefit.

According to David Nuti, senior vice-president of Nord Security for North America, “they’d be willing to give up a child’s name, be willing to give up their social insurance number, and be willing to disclose more personal details for the opportunity at an extra discount.”

According to the business, the information can result in theft even though it is typically not necessary for a transaction.

The study found that getting the discount ranked higher on respondents’ priorities lists than internet security.

Cybersecurity experts offer the following advice:

-Be wary of unusually good deals.

-Avoid clicking on unfamiliar links.

-Don’t give out personal information.

-Avoid using public Wi-Fi and only shop at reputable stores.

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