18 children dead in Uzbekistan after consuming India-made syrup, ministry says

Canada Global (Web News) According to the Uzbek Health Ministry, at least 18 children have passed away in Uzbekistan as a result of using a medical syrup produced by the Indian pharmaceutical company Marion Biotech.

According to the ministry, 18 of 21 children who took Doc-1 Max syrup while suffering from an acute respiratory illness died soon after taking it. On the company’s website, it is marketed as a treatment for cold and flu symptoms.

According to the ministry, ethylene glycol, a hazardous chemical, was found in a batch of the syrup. Quramax Medical imported the syrup into Uzbekistan, according to a statement released by the ministry.

Furthermore, it claimed that the syrup was administered to children at home in amounts greater than those recommended for children without a doctor’s prescription, either by the children’s parents or on the advice of pharmacists.

It was unclear right first if every child had swallowed the questionable batch, had taken more than the recommended dosage, or had done both.

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