Turkey won’t allow new Syrian refugee influx after earthquake: Minister

Canada Global (Web News) Following the terrible earthquake last week, Turkey would not accept any additional Syrian refugees, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu declared on Monday.
“It is untrue that there has been a recent flood of Syrian refugees into Turkey following the earthquake. That is not acceptable; we won’t permit that.

At a press conference in Ankara, Cavusoglu remarked.
In response to reports that Syrians were pouring into Turkey after last Monday’s 7.8-magnitude earthquake, which killed more than 37,000 people in the two nations, Cavusoglu made a statement.

The Bab al Hawa border crossing is used to send humanitarian aid to rebel-held areas of Syria, and Turkey is prepared to open two more border crossings from Kilis province following the earthquake, according to Cavusoglu.

These border crossings are all for humanitarian purposes. That doesn’t necessarily imply that Syrians are entering Turkey through these crossings, he noted.
“While we are providing humanitarian aid for Syrians, we are preventing a fresh influx of Syrian refugees. These are two distinct problems, he noted.

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