Russia says Ukraine tried to kill Putin in Kremlin drone attack

Canada Global (Web News) According to the state-run RIA news agency, Russia accused Ukraine on Wednesday of using drones to strike the Kremlin overnight in an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate President Vladimir Putin.

According to RIA, the Kremlin declared that it saw the attack as a “planned terrorist action” and reserved the right to retaliate.

According to the report, Russian defences were able to disable two drones that were allegedly utilised in the attempted attack on Putin’s house in the Kremlin fortress.

According to the Kremlin, neither Putin nor the Kremlin structures sustained any tangible harm.

On the eve of Victory Day, the May 9 Parade, “the Kremlin has assessed these actions as a planned terrorist act and an assassination attempt on the president,” according to RIA.

Putin was working as usual, according to the statement, and his schedule had not changed.
“The Russian side reserves the right to take retaliatory measures wherever and whenever it sees fit,” it stated.

According to an unsubstantiated video that has been making the rounds on Russian social media sites, notably the channel of the military news outlet Zvezda, pale smoke was seen rising behind the main Kremlin Palace in the walled citadel following the purported incident.

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