Russia preparing to step up drone attacks: Zelenskyy

Canada Global (Web News) According to the president of Ukraine, Russia is getting ready to intensify its attacks on Ukraine using drones made in Iran that explode. Moscow is looking for ways to keep pressure on Kyiv after at least 63 Russian soldiers were killed in an attack, the latest battlefield setback for the Kremlin’s war strategy.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president, stated in his evening video address late Monday, “We have evidence that Russia is planning a sustained attack with Shaheds (exploding drones).

More than ten months after Russia invaded its neighbour, he claimed that the aim is to “exhaust our people, (our) air defence, and our energy” in order to break Ukraine’s resistance.

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, appears to be looking into measures to revive his stalled military campaign, which has recently been hampered by a Ukrainian counteroffensive supported by Western-supplied weapons. This has led to stern criticism of the military’s performance in some Russian quarters.

Russian soldiers were stationed at a facility in the eastern Donetsk region when Ukrainian forces opened fire with rockets, killing 63 of them, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. Unverified reports from other sources place the death toll significantly higher.

Since the conflict’s start more than ten months ago, it was one of the deadliest attacks against Kremlin forces.

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