Religious scholar Tariq Jamil suffers heart attack in Canada

Canada Global (Web News) Renowned Pakistani religious scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel was admitted to a hospital on Tuesday after suffering a heart attack in Canada, according to his family.

Yusuf Jameel, his son, confirmed the news on Twitter, writing that his father was “currently in Canada where he has been shifted to the hospital due to a heart attack.”

Yusuf pleaded with the country to pray for the scholar’s health, saying his father’s condition has improved recently.

“My father experienced chest pain today at 1:00 PM Pakistan time, or around 3 AM in Canada. He has cardiac problems. He was then promptly switched to the shifted after that. Fortunately, all of his (medical) operations were successful “In a video message that was uploaded to the researcher’s official YouTube website, he said.

“He is completely fine and stable right now, but he is still in the hospital. We are concerned because we (his family) are present while he is not. We ask that you all pray for his health “he continued

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