Putin says Russia not to blame for Ukraine War

Canada Global (Web News) Vladimir Putin asserts that both countries are “sharing a sorrow” and that Russia is not to blame for the conflict in Ukraine.

In a televised conversation with senior military officials, the Russian president said he still sees Ukraine as a “brotherly nation.”

He asserted that rather than being the outcome of Russian policy, the conflict was “the product of the policy of third countries.”

President Putin asserted that the West has “brainwashed,” beginning with Ukraine, the post-Soviet countries.

He stated: “We tried for years to establish good neighbourly ties with Ukraine by providing loans and inexpensive electricity, but it was unsuccessful.

“Nothing is being levelled against us. Ukrainians have long been seen as a brotherly people, and I still feel that way.

Although the current situation is tragic, we are not to blame.

President Putin’s persistent worries appear to be related to Nato’s expansion since the Soviet Union’s fall in 1991.

Although the Kremlin has long contended that NATO’s admission of former Soviet allies as members endangers the alliance’s security, Nato’s primary purpose was to thwart Russian expansion following World War Two.

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