Prince Harry has been chastised for not cutting ties with Netflix.

Canada Global (Web News) According to a royal expert, Prince Harry has come under fire for sticking with Netflix even as they ‘exploit’ the tragic loss of his late mother Princess Diana.

In an interview with The Sun before the November 9 premiere of the newest season of the popular royal drama The Crown, royal analyst Angela Levin criticised Prince Harry for keeping his contract with Netflix despite the company ‘exposing’ Princess Diana.

If Prince Harry has a guilty conscience, he may certainly take action, according to Levin. They might return their money to them and go. But he is unwilling to.

“How you can donate your money to someone who’s doing that is too startling,” she continued. When Netflix is exposing your mother, you cannot remain seated and expect others to respect you.

“If he left, he’d be a hero. Harry ought to leave,” Levin said.

On November 9, 2022, The Crown season five debuted on Netflix to harsh criticism from royal specialists and aficionados for “dramatising” the royal family’s difficulties in the 1990s.

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